Welcome Lapis Lauri and Runwyld!

We are excited to announce that Lapis Lauri and Runwyld are joining the stream team!

Lapis Lauri has been streaming since 2013 and Partnered since 2018. She has been able to share her love of gaming and community at such functions as PAX, producing voice work for ARK mods, and working interactively with Minecraft modded communities.

Make sure you check her out at twitch.tv/lapis_lauri

Runwyld, or Run, has been a video game lover since the original Zelda on NES. Run’s a variety streamer, but loves to play survival, roleplay, and looter shooters.

Check him out at twitch.tv/runwyld

Be sure you check out both Lauri and Run and say “Hi!” from the GamerLoop Network!