Summer Deals That Won’t Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

For most of the American public (and several countries worldwide), it hasn’t been easy locked indoors and isolated from your favorite people. However, if you’re a gamer like me – this is a magical blessing that lets you drown your sorrows in your favorite pastime – video games! Nothing beats an afternoon settled into the couch with your controller, mouse, or handheld in your lap. Sooner or later, though – some of us (meaning me!) get tired of the grind-loop. Our favorite games don’t feel so new or shiny anymore and with a lot of us not able to go to work – the idea of spending a ton of money on new video or PC games feels… like a lot. Whats a gamer to do?

Luckily – there are a TON of sites that are offering deeply discounted or (gasp!) FREE games you can play!

XBOX Games with Gold is giving away a few new (and rather interesting) games through the end of July. If have the Ultimate Pass you have access to XBOX Live Games with Gold, there are several releases for console AND PC, like Yakuza Kiwama 2, Carrion, and Mount & Blade: Warband on July 16th and 23rd.

EPIC games also has some amazing deals going on right now, including a TON of big titles from the Ubisoft Forward Sale. Didn’t have time to play through a past Assassins Creed storyline? Now’s your time! They are offering Early Access (and 20% off!) to the new game of “Ooblets,” a fun, family-style game that has you off on adventures of farming, collecting wild creatures and epic dance parties! Since EPIC gives away a free game every week – you can look forward to a free download of “Torchlight II,” an action-RPG that allows you to customize your character and even play with friends!

I can’t help but put Steam as a great resource for cheap (or free) gaming titles, either. They’re running fantastic sales. The Far Cry series have steep discounts- some up to 85% off! Wanting to play some older games that you haven’t tried yet? There’s even discounts on “The Incredible Adventures of VanHelsing” series as well as “No Man’s Sky,” “Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen,” and “Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun.” Steam has also released Halo 3 for PC gamers!

Don’t count those brick-and-mortar stores out, either. Stores like Best Buy and Target are hosting tons of great deals on games. Borderlands 3, NBA 2k20 and even Red Dead Redemption 2 are anywhere from 33%-50% off. XBOX online is also chiming in with great deals on XBOX Gold memberships and Amazon can’t be left out with great gaming deals, either!

Finally, if you’re not already combing the interwebs for something new to add to your playlist – or, if you’re a little burned out from games and would like to try something new- has great deals on bundles for incredibly discounted prices. While they do carry software, they also carry an amazing selection of comics and books that you can get in bundles, too! This can spice up your stay-at-home life with something you may not have tried before. After all, what is there to lose?

No matter what site I visited, there are plenty of options for you to try something new! Let those old favorites breathe a little while you expand your gaming library and allow you to explore new maps, horizons, even galaxies while you stay on the couch and let your pockets breathe a little!