GamerLoop Network’s Twitch Stream Team

Hi, I’m Sage the Bard – GLN President. We’ve received several inquiries about the GLN Stream Team and felt it would be beneficial to include a FAQ about it here! If you have any questions after reading this, feel free to contact me via DM in the GLN Discord. For more information about the culture we cultivate, check out our Etiquette Guide.

Q: I’m new to streaming. Is a Stream Team right for me?
It’s a common misconception that joining a Stream Team will immediately result in channel growth in it’s many forms. This does not mean, however, there aren’t Teams that do this and do it well! As with all things involving a partnership between two parties, it’s in your best interest to gather as much information as possible before making a commitment. Be honest with yourself as to your needs and expectations and communicate them. In many cases there are sets of rules and requirements, both short and long-term that deserve due consideration. Remember: there is no shortcut, no easy path, no quick fix to building your community. It takes nothing less than hard work, determination, ingenuity, and sacrifice.

Q: What kind of content and streamers are you looking for? How many subscribers/followers do I need?
We do not have a requirement for followers/subscribers. It has been and will continue to be a matter of quality versus quantity. We are keenly interested in unique, passionate Twitch Streamers that model Inclusivity, Community, Educating, and Giving. It also goes hand in hand that potential applicants are proactive members of the GamerLoop Network Discord – the hub of our community. There are no Twitch Affiliate or Partner requirements, however, we do consider (A. How long have you been streaming? (B. Do you have a schedule and are reasonably consistent? (C. Do you foster an inclusive environment and is that intent evident when your live and in your VOD’s?

It’s also important to note that the GLN Stream is exclusively for members of our community. This means that you are not only in our Discord, the hub of our community, but a proactive member. We want to know you! Whether that’s through playing games, chatting about movies and technology, or joining us on our Community Night – it’s important that we know you and you know us. Afterall, that personal touch is probably what drew you to GLN from the start! We don’t utilize a specific model for determining activity i.e. messages sent and join date – meaning there isn’t a target number you can reach to qualify. The Administration Team prefers to determine qualifications case by case.

Like many, we’ve experienced how overwhelming it can be familiarizing oneself with content creation and gaming communities… we’re here to help.

Q: What benefits would I receive by joining the GLN Stream Team?
The purpose of our Team is simple: Connect Twitch Streamers who share our philosophy. Inclusivity, Community, Educating, and Giving are the cornerstones on which we continue building GamerLoop Network. We pride ourselves on the quality of our member’s character, whether they’re interacting in Discord, Streaming, or social media. We take serious, mindful steps to ensure that no matter where you find the GLN flag flying, rest assured, it’s a safe place for everyone.

Stream Team members going live on Twitch are automatically posted to our Twitter and in the #Commlink section of Discord. They can also participate in our charity events and submit charities of their choosing for consideration. As we continue to grow, the Stream Team is an invaluable group of experience and information that influences how we proceed with new initiatives, not just for the Team but for the GLN community.

Final Message from Sage the Bard – 

It is our greatest desire to create a space in which anyone, regardless of experience or circumstance, can enjoy learning, growing and sharing their passion for gaming with others in a safe environment. Like many, we’ve experienced how overwhelming it can be familiarizing oneself with content creation and gaming communities. Remember, we’re here to help but most importantly, this is a journey – your journey. If you don’t qualify now that doesn’t mean you won’t in time and we’ll be there to provide any advice or personal experience that may inspire your next BIG idea! We look forward to knowing you and helping along the way. Enjoy the journey.