Type of Stream: Casual relaxing vibes with good, honest conversation and open discussion about games or really any other topics
Fav Game Types: RPGs, looter shooters, strategy games, any game with a compelling emotionally charged story
Most Streamed Game: The Division 2, Destiny 2
Favorite hobbies outside of gaming: Cooking, listening to music, collecting vinyls, reading, going on adventures

About Verita

I am a 33 year old production planner by day, and an avid gamer by night, but I mean really who are we kidding I game whenever!

I started gaming at a very early age, playing any video game my older brother put in front of me, exclusively on console (PS2 and XBox 360 to start), but I have recently started to find a lot of joy in the world of PC gaming and have added that to the plethora of PS4 games I love. My main games are Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 and Destiny 2, Titan mains for life! I also absolutely love board games, anything involving strategy that works the brain muscles and makes me laugh.

I started streaming about two years ago, inspired by a community of ladies playing The Division, in which I met some of my closest gaming pals (shout out to the pocket friends), and have done work raising money for The Trevor Project during Pride Month over the last two years among other charities.

My goal with streaming and gaming is to have fun, and help build a community of like-minded individuals where people can be free to be themselves, tell stories, laugh together, and always have a safe place to share anything. I believe that the easiest thing you can do is be kind to each other, and share that kindness when you can, which is what I love most about streaming and sharing my gaming experiences with the community.

Having found GLN, I know I’m among friends, people who share the same goals and kindness, and overall just love having fun playing video games. I love building up and being part of a community that is close to family, it warms my heart and lifts me up to be the best version of myself I can be for me and for everyone.