Type of stream: Sassy with lots of laughter and singing.
Fav Game Types: Sandbox adventure with building. I appreciate a variety of games, including looter shooters.
Most Streamed Game: Minecraft, Division 2, ARK

About Lapis

I have been playing games since the very early days of console gaming with Fairchild, Colecovision, and then Atari. I started my PC gaming content creator journey when my children introduced me to Minecraft in 2011. They insisted I watch content creators such as: Paul Soares Jr., Keralis, and Sl1pg8r to learn how to play. After absorbing this content I kept looking for more content like it. I decided I could create something similar on YouTube – and it seemed to work!

I made the transition to Twitch in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the interaction with chat and the joy of that community. I achieved Partnership in 2018 and have continued to grow my community since. Today I am blessed to be able to count many mentors as friends that I can game with and not just watch their content.

I have been able to share my love of gaming and community at such functions as PAX conventions, producing voice work for ARK mods, and working interactively with Minecraft modded communities. I have creatively managed the Hypermine gaming community since 2015 and it continues to grow in scope beyond Minecraft and into many more relevant games. Stop by the stream sometime and join us in shenanigans.