Share Your Work – Join the Cause TODAY!

On behalf of all of us at GamerLoop Network, we’d like to extend greetings and salutations to our fellow Content Creators

Streamers, Youtubers, Podcasters, Artists, Writers, and many more, grace our Discord. Like our fellow Creators, we keep a weathered eye on appropriate locations to share our creations. After all, it introduces your fine work to potential fans and sparks inspirational conversation with other talented folks like you! We also recognize that there are other factors: Can I post here? Are links ok? Does my content break any server rules? – Let’s face it, it’s daunting, and by the time you’ve read all the rules, you may forgo advertising your creations due to “too much red tape”. We’ve done it too, but maybe we can offer you something easier.

Welcome to the COMMunity Link Program, Exonaut!

Step 1: Choose your best link! Whether Twitch, Mixer, Youtube, or other platforms such as ArtStation.

Step 2: Either, direct message Sage OR send him an email at [email protected] with the Subject: Community Link. Include your Handle or Name (whichever you prefer), and the link to your creations.

Note: While it’s always nice to cover basic introductions, a lengthy letter is not required. Once we’ve received your request, you will receive a confirmation your application is in review. Please allow up to 72 hours for admission. Only in extreme circumstances should it take that long though. :wink: Yes, you will receive a message or email from us as soon as you’re approved.

Upon approval, you will have access to the COMMunity Link channel inside our Discord. Post your creative work and show off your skills to the community! Oh, and only fellow Exonauts can post here. So, you’re all kind of a big deal!

We ask that you show consideration when posting. While we currently do not enforce limitations, posting 10 volumes of 1980’s synth-rock mixtapes at once would be inconsiderate to others, and more importantly, Sage’s musical sensibilities. Unless that’s your creative thing, in which case, WOOH! 80’S ROCK! But one at a time, eh? Your new title Exonaut will now be prominently featured in the Member list.



Q: Why do you need to review my creative work? A: It is our greatest desire to create a friendly, inclusive environment in which we discuss gaming. To do so, rules must be implemented to foster the community’s growth and promote fairness. It is in compliance with those standards, and those of Discord’s Terms of Service & Guidelines, that we personally review each request.

Q: What are GamerLoop Network’s server rules and where can I find Discord’s Terms of Service & Guidelines? A: It is our greatest desire to create a friendly, inclusive environment in which we discuss gaming. To do so, rules must be implemented to foster the community’s growth and promote fairness.

By joining our Discord server, you agree to follow the rules set forth by the Administrative Team and Discord’s official Terms of Service and Guidelines.

Strictly Prohibited:

  • Any kind of harassment, racism, sexism, hate speech, threats, defamation or trolling is not allowed and is considered Gross Misconduct.
  • Gross Misconduct results in an immediate ban without prior notification.
  • Any kind of spamming is not allowed.
  • Any kind of sexually explicit content is not allowed, anything deemed NSFW (Not Safe For Work) is not allowed. Not sure? Do not post it.
  • Any kind of requests for games, codes, consumables, merchandise, money (in-game or not) or other kinds of requests for services is not allowed. This includes messaging any user on the server.
  • Any kind of advertisements are not allowed. No plugging of your content in the standard channels.
  • Any kind of impersonation is not allowed.
  • Any kind of discussion about video game piracy is not allowed. No matter what game or company.
  • Any kind of account selling or account selling discussions are not allowed.
  • Administrators and Moderators have the power to permanently ban a user for breaking any of these rules with absolutely no warning.
  • A persistent negative attitude can result in feedback from an Administrator, up to and including a permanent ban.

We can and will monitor activity removing any content we deem unsuitable. This is a public forum, anything you post here is visible by all. These rules may seem strict, however, this is needed to create a framework for a wonderful community where you feel welcome and appreciated.

For questions not covered here, please reach out to [email protected] or direct message Sage in Discord.