Roleplay Returns

Our brave adventurers stand in the abandoned church – the hum of magic echoes from the walls. After defeating a horde of undead, Ardaous and Shaati tend to wounds. The ever inquisitive Blokslas squats near the hearth at the end of the church…

Roleplay Returns- Saturday, July 11th, 8PM EST –

The crew returns to Roleplay this coming Saturday! Join Ardaous, Shaati, Blokslas and Nemeie as they investigate the undead in the city of Hillsdale.

Will they find the source of the undead? Will Blokslas shoot more amazing critical hits with his bow? Will Ardaous finally win the heart of Nemeie?

What ever happened to CHAD?!

Join the crew on Teddars Twitch channel this Saturday, July 11th at 8PM EST for our next chapter.

Need to catch up? We got you covered on with a playlist on Teddar’s Youtube channel.