Meet GLN’s New Creative Director

Good Mooooornin’ GamerLoop Community!

It’s me, Sage, wishing you a weekend full of game-related activities, a never-ending supply of your favorite snacks, and zero calls from telemarketers. While you’re getting your game on this A.M, we here in Orbit have an announcement we’d like to make. Many of you may have seen a previous announcement regarding interviews for 2 new moderators in our Discord Community. To our surprise, we were contacted by someone who offered much more than what we envisioned for the Mod role. So, we sat down together and had a chat about our vision for GLN’s future. We discovered that he is the perfect fit for our Team and our community.
Please join us in welcoming our new Creative Director, Teddars! To tell us a bit about himself, his experience, and what his immediate focus is in our community, here’s the man himself –