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GamerLoop Network Gives Back

March 13th through March 21st

March 13th through March 21st has some proud members of the GamerLoop Network community streaming for the So Many Angels charity. So Many Angels takes photos of children battling cancer and transforms them into whatever or whoever they want to be when they grow up. Their editors use their creativity and editing skills to produce works of art, and those works of art are presented to the families as a canvas print they can treasure forever.

Visit their website to learn more.

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VeritaAmore’s Connection to the Cause

Hello there, I’m Verita! I have been gaming for as long as I can remember, streaming for about three years now, and am an active member in the GLN Community and part of their stream team.

Fundraising has always been important to me, and given our ability as gamers and streamers to utilize the mediums we love to have fun and raise funds for important organizations, combining those elements together is a no-brainer for me. So Many Angels provides an amazing opportunity for kids and their parents to escape and feel like their real heroes without having to worry about what they are going through, and every kid and parent deserves that opportunity.

If we can help one more family experience what this wonderful organization has to offer, that is also a no-brainer to me.



Neutron’s Connection to the Cause


I am Neutron. Co-Founder of GLN and Lead Content Creator for GLR.

This is my first time joining the cause to raise money for So Many Angels. Being able to support families and bring a smile to their faces as they go through something so difficult can make a lasting impact. Once I heard Verita’s team was looking to grow I signed myself up to help in any way I can.



Fuse’s Connection to the Cause

Hello everyone calls me Fuse.

So Many Angels has shown me that giving my time and doing something that I enjoy can translate into a special moment for a family. The possibility of living a dream even if for only a hour can help that child during something that can be so hard. Why would I not want to try and give them that small escape from the normal by simply giving some of my time?



Borrie’s Connection to the Cause

Hi, I’m Boris or Borrie as most call me now.

Active military member for over 17yrs who loves his family, his games, and his beer. So Many Angels provides an amazing service to, not only the parents, but the kids. These kids have had to fight from an early age, but with So Many Angels, they get to be just kids again and become real heroes and not have to worry about fighting, even if it’s just a few hours out of a day.

That’s special and special to me, as a father.


Trashpanda Max

Max’s Connection to the Cause

Hi, I’m Max! I love playing all kinds of games and have been streaming since 2017.

I started doing charity streams last year and this is my second time fundraising for So Many Angels. This charity means a lot to me because of the generosity and joy they give to the kids and their families. Seeing their faces light up during the photo shoot is so touching. I’m proud to be able to help make that possible.


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