GLN Welcomes Kaylee Fenix & KPK to the Community

We have an exciting announcement regarding GLN’s Division 2 clan –

When we think of people we’ve met in Division 2, whether Agents saving what remains, Content Creators, or both, there are communities that shine ever so brightly with the leadership style and personality of their creator – leaders that strive to enrich the gaming experience of others not only through the entertainment they provide but, more importantly, the content of their character. It’s no easy task to undertake and those that do know the value in hard work, perseverance, and a good sense of humor.

Twitch Streamer and fellow Division Agent Kaylee Fenix is one such individual. If she’s not theory-crafting after the latest update, answering questions from new and returning viewers in stunning detail, or discussing lore and environments with vim and vigor, she’s making her community laugh when it matters most. She’s a pillar in the Division Community and so much more – she’s a good friend.

Links:  Kaylee’s Twitch, Twitter, and Discord community.

For all this, and so much more, it is our privilege to announce Kaylee Fenix and the KPK clan will be merging into the GamerLoop NET clan.

GamerLoop NET’s Hierarchy and a Message from Sage-

Hello! I’m the Clan Leader for GLN’s Clan, Orenji iro Sage and CEO for the Gamer Loop Network. – It is a privilege for me to welcome Kaylee and her community! I’ve met many new faces through our recent Raids, but there are just as many I see on a regular basis between our streams. To you all – my sincerest WELCOME!

Kaylee and I have discussed this merger in length on more than one occasion. Bottom line: it just makes sense. We share so many members in our respective communities – why make them choose a clan? Many of you know I stream on a regular basis, Monday through Friday, but I’m on every day! I’ll be approving Clan Requests as they arrive and I’m always available to answer any question you may have.

Kaylee will be assuming the role of Lieutenant, but please understand, if I could assign her the rank of co-leader I absolutely would. She has my full support to lead and administer corrective action at any time without consulting me.

GLN’s Supporting Lieutenants – Our Leadership Team also plays The Division! As such, they assist as needed with the maintenance and administration of our Clan. You can learn more about our COONeutron here, and our Creative DirectorTeddars here.

It is GamerLoop Network’s mission to model Community, Inclusivity, and Education. If there’s anything we can do to make you more comfortable, please reach out to me directly via email at: [email protected] – We look forward to gaming with you and as we say here at GLN –

Welcome to Orbit.