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A Message From GLN’s President and Co-Founder

From GamerLoop Network’s inception, we had a clear goal to create a safe place for everyone to play games, have fun, be appreciated, and grow. That’s why the four corners on which we continue building GLN are: Community. Inclusivity. Giving. Education. During these difficult times, these words are more than just a set of ideals, they are a beacon of hope to all who search for respite from a world in desperate need.

GLN is proud to host a community that represents many different races, creeds, and orientations. We celebrate our differences, our commonality, and the shared vision that gaming unites us. Through gaming we find greater depths of commonality, but also a greater understanding of each one’s struggles. A primary platform for our community is in Discord and you need look no further than our first rule to understand how seriously we protect this safe place:

Zero ToleranceAny kind of harassment sexual and otherwise, racism, sexism, hate speech, threats, defamation, or trolling is not allowed and is considered Gross Misconduct. Gross Misconduct results in an immediate ban without prior notification.

GLN recognizes the current state of this world and shares in the heartbreak and grief of our community members and friends affected by race hatred. Some of you may know that my first marriage was to a black woman. During our seven years together, I saw the reality of what she and her family had to endure daily. If our son had not passed away in infancy, I would be forced to explain to him why the color of his skin will put him in danger or worse, end his life.

GamerLoop Network stands with Black Lives Matter – an organization who’s committed to “creating a world free of anti-blackness, where every black person has the social, economic, and political power to thrive.” This means each one of us augments and enhances the community we’ve built together and each shares the responsibility of lovingly caring for it.

Our world has many more troubles. Today, many individuals experience that the world’s version of ‘human rights’ doesn’t extend to everyone. Instead – many communities suffer the injustice of not finding a home, a place where they can connect, feel supported or empowered, and be accepted for who they are, regardless of age or diversity of background. Within this thought, GLN also recognizes the struggle of the LGBTQIA community. We strive to become a place where all can connect and foster supportive environments where ANY one can find a place of acceptance.

In conclusion, I would like to share a powerful quote from the Human Rights Campaign ( ) website –

We root ourselves in our shared humanity and treat each other with kindness and compassion. We’re at our best when we honor the equal dignity and worth of all people – even in the face of conflict.

I speak for the Leadership Team here at GamerLoop Network and as it’s President – We support you and are committed to maintaining a safe place for all who seek acceptance, understanding, support, and friendship.

Orenji iro Sage – GamerLoop Network President and Co-Founder