GLN + StackUP: Charity Event for Veterans


Many of you will remember last years events in which the GamerLoop community raised over $17k for StackUP – founded in 2015 by a combat veteran who personally experienced the positive impact gaming can have — emotionally and psychologically — on veterans, Stack Up is the only charity directly supporting the military and bringing together veterans and civilian supporters through the shared love of video gaming. The Stack Up programs provide support and gaming benefits to U.S., NATO, Australian, and New Zealand veterans. Visit our StackUP Team page and follow the instructions to donate.

We’re doing it again and we’ve enlisted a group of amazing humans to aid in our cause! We’d like you to meet them:

Team Captain: VeritaAmore87 – Not only a member of the GLN Stream Team, Verita is a Senior Staff Member and GamerLoop Radio podcast host. Her Destiny 2 breakdowns are unrivaled, seriously. She also organized this event and is participating as well!

Verita’s Links: Twitch | Twitter

JNeutron: GLN’s Co-Founder, VP of Creator Initiatives and GamerLoop Radio’s Lead Host, JNeutron has alot going on! With a passion for podcasting and charity work, it’s always a hilarious treat seeing his donation incentives.

JNeutron’s Links: Twitch | Twitter

Lijsbet (pronounced lays-bet): A member of the GLN Stream Team, Lijsbet is a highly creative individual. A tea aficionado, stunning photographer (seriously, she’s amazing), not one but TWO green thumbs – and the list goes on! We’re proud to know this renaissance woman!

Lijsbet’s Links: Twitch | Twitter

BorrietheBlade: USAF Active Duty and GLN Staff Member – Ole Borrie and I go back a bit and when I tell you that there’s no one who knows more about beer than this guy, it’s scientifically proven! Host of the Beers With Borrie Podcast, Borrie is man as passionate for community as he is his hops.

BorrietheBlade’s Links: Twitch | Twitter | #BeersWithBorrie

I’d like to thank you for taking a moment to learn more about our incredible Team and my good friends.

If you’d like to support financially or support by cheering us on, be sure to check the schedule above join us on Twitch! If you are so inclined, visit our StackUP Team page and follow the instructions to donate.