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Gaming PC

My gaming PC. My baby. “The Beast” as I refer to her.

She’s not the best out there, but she serves me well. Can’t wait to grab some upgrades like a new SSD!

If you’re interested in learning about the details check out the version!

Streaming PC

My stream PC is a frankenstein of new bits as well as my old gaming PC.

She rocks an ancient 980TI that has served me well through the years. Desperately need a new SSD for it.

Make sure you check out the version of it for more details on the pieces.


So while the hardware in my Gaming and Streaming PC is what drives things, my peripherals are my favourite things.

From an overkill “Webcam” to my sweet sexy headphones, these are my toys that I use all day, everyday.

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Video Card, SSD and other icons by Icons8