Gamers Against Alzheimer’s Hosted by Pappadopolis

One of our very own community members, Pappadopolis is partnering up with The Alzheimer’s Association on a week long charity event being livestreamed at

The charity event will raise money and awareness for the Alzheimer’s Association. It will be held for 7 days Monday May 11th thru Sunday May 17th starting at 7pm CST – 10pm CST (or later).

Each night a different game will be featured and several Content Creators with their respective communities will be joining on stream in support. One of his goals is to also highlight different Communities he is part of that feel like a home away from home.


Monday – 5/11: Just Dance 2020
Tuesday – 5/12: Human Fall Flat (Encourage Gaming: Gingerbreadmean)
Wednesday – 5/13: State of Decay (BrotherShme, Deucbox)
Thursday – 5/14: Jackbox 3 (Behind the Stream & Alzheimer’s Association stream)
Friday – 5/15: Elite Dangerous (Jakakarus: Dogs of Lore & Elite Dangerous Facebook crew)
Saturday – 5/16: The Division Survival: aDrunkenMonkey (Bicycle Of Death Community)
Sunday – 5/17: My story and how Alzheimer’s impacted my life

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For more information about The Alzheimer’s Association please follow their Twitter and check out their website

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