GamerLoop Network Stream Team

We’re so thrilled to announce the official GLN Stream team!

We have been unofficially a stream team for awhile now, but we thought we’d formalize the team with a news post and section on our website.

You’ll be able to check out our Stream Team in the new Stream Team section of the website. In this new section you’ll be able to read streamer bios, find out their favorite games, find them on social media, and link to their twitch pages.

The stream team consists of your GLN.GG leadership team – Sage, Neutron, and Teddars, as well as our first community streamer, KayleeFenix.

Today, we are also introducing our newest Stream Team member – VeritaAmore87!

Verita has become a staple in our community. She is a warm, caring, enthusiastic, entertaining and inclusive streamer – what more could we ask for in a stream partner? You can read all about her in her Stream Team Profile, and be sure you follow her on twitter and twitch!

Official Stream Team status on Twitch

While we’re not an official stream team on Twitch, as soon as we gain partner status our official Twitch stream team will be made up of the fine GLN.GG streamers.

As always, we are honored to have you all in our community – our community members are what makes GamerLoop Network the great place we all enjoy.