Final Fantasy VII: Remake | MyOwnCreation Launch Stream

Welcome to the first edition of CommunityLink on GamerLoop Network.

Today, we’re featuring a longtime community member, MyOwnCreation (MOC). He’ll be doing a 24 hour launch stream for Final Fantasy VII: Remake this Friday, April 10th at 12:01AM.

MOC describes himself as “very much a chill gamer & streamer who is big into FPS & Looter-Shooters”. Games you will see streamed on his Channel are Borderlands 3, Rainbow Six: Siege, The Division and more!

Final Fantasy VII is MOC‘s favorite game of all-time – FF7 is his Origin story, what got him video games when he was younger. Before final fantasy came along MOC‘s gaming was on rainy days or with friends on the old NES. He has been anticipating the launch of FF7: Remake since the reveal at E3 2015.

I got a chance to play the Demo at PAX West twice last year. The hair stands up on my arms with the excitement this game will bring.

MOC‘s technological world is plastered with FFVII: Remake imagery, he says. “I’ve a dual monitor Final Fantasy VII: Remake wallpaper right now. I still have a PS1 copy of Final Fantasy VII and I have the Cloud Amiibo, Cloud wallpaper on my phone. I also have the FFVII wallpaper on my PS4.”

Check MyOwnCreation out on his Mixer Channel! He Streams 2-3 days per week and is working no moving to Twitch – so check him out there and give him a follow as well.