Dungeons & Dragons with GLN

Coming this Saturday, April 25th, is our first of hopefully many GamerLoop Network Dungeons & Dragons table top sessions. Your Dungeon Master, Teddars, will be hosting Sage, Neutron, Acies and Ana every other Saturday in a home-brew D&D5E game on Teddars’ twitch channel, twitch.tv/teddars.

New to D&D? NO problem!

Take off your cloak, put your feet up by the fire and we’ll have some cold ale brought your way – be prepared, there are stories to be told within these walls.

Teddars is leading the GLN crew through a world that is 20 years in the making and three of our four players have never played D&D before. You’ll be able to learn about the world, and the rules, alongside them.

We’d love to see everyone tune in for our first session this Saturday, April 25th!