Borrie The Builder: High End Healer Build

Borrie’s Multiple Healer Build: Part 1


If only our agents would scream that EVERY TIME we were down, but not out, right? That would be awesome yet funny. Healers. Medics. Saviours. Whatever you may want to call them, they are part of the “Holy Trinity” of RPGs anywhere RPGs exist.

But Borrie, The Division isn’t an RPG!

Well, I hate to break it to you Reddit user, but it is. Marketing made you think it wasn’t. If you cannot 1 shot a human with a handgun or you see damage numbers fly across your screen, it’s an RPG with guns and healers are an absolute must in that genre with the appropriate content. The words you are about to read in the Two Part series are going to cover 4 builds that in the current state of the game within The Division 2 would be a great, if not, best fit for both 4 man group play in Heroic content, Legendary missions, and the new raid Iron Horse. Pop a squat and a beer and take notes (not really, pictures will be involved) to get ready for some #BuildswithBorrie or #BorrietheBuilder….as my Aussie mates would say. Shout out to my lads on the Locked On: A Tom Clancy podcast for that nickname including Borrie. That’s their creation. Not mine. Credit goes to them.

Anywho. “THE BUILD BORRIE!”. Right.

Very similar to The Division, healers in The Division 2 only have a need or a requirement, depending on the content you are doing. Outside of Legendary missions and the new raid, healers are not required in the meta of the game. Even if that’s the case, having a great healer build set aside as a load out in your stash or on your person, can still provide a lot of support to a heavy DPS meta and the squad. Let’s take a look at my first healer build out of four that I have ready to go for any content that would require them or just to switch things up in a 4 man squad.

The High End Brand Set Build

I’ll begin with the High-End (HE) Brand Set build as this build is the easier to obtain and most likely will be the starting point for most as maybe the gear set wasn’t on anyone’s radar due to the vest and backpack being locked behind the raid.


I’ll start with the Specialization I use and that is the Survivalist. I chose that one over the Technician simply because of the healing bonus it has within the tree. It is of higher value compared to the Technician. Survivalist has 15% outgoing healing, Technician has 10% skill healing as bonuses.

Survivalists also has other tree perks that add bonuses to the group like Survivalist Tactical Link which is “group members get 10% bonus damage to targets with a status effect”. In Legendary missions, this is pretty much up 100% of the time because a Crowd Control (CC) build is almost a must in those missions.

The last perk from the tree is Crunch Time, “while in cover, gain 10% skill haste”. That is to you the user of the specialization. 10% haste is still 10% haste. The faster you can get those Hive Charges or Chem Launcher needles, the better.

I believe these 3 perks outweigh the perks from the Technician. Yes, you could run the tech and gain 1 free skill tier and use 1 piece as a blue for a little more sustainability but seeing as you don’t really do damage, you shouldn’t be firing down range THAT often to need more armor or health. You will need to still shoot your weapon as I will explain shortly, but giving up those 3 perks for being 1 more blue stat and 1 skill tier just isn’t worth it to me.


I’ll quickly mention the skills now as I think it kind of is a given what to run with a healer. I use a Repair Hive and a Chem Launcher. My Hive skill mods are healing %, +4 repair charges, and duration. The only thing I change around depending on the content is the repair charges and range. For the Iron Horse raid, I go between the 2 mods depending on the boss encounter and in Legendary missions I go with range only as cover in a lot of those areas force the squad to be spread out so range works best there.

On the Chem Launcher I use a heal mod and haste mod. The haste on the Chem Launcher is pretty low by default so whatever bonus I can get, I will take. Of course you will want to insert the highest values you have for all these skill mods. If you don’t have any, crafting some is a good and quick way to get some until you farm for some better ones.

The Hive stats are as follows: Skill haste = 103.6%, 36 or 32 charges, 12.8m or 13.2m range, 302.3 sec duration, 4.1mil HP, and healing of 400k armor per tick.

Chem Launcher stats are: 103.6% haste, 8 ammo, 13.9 sec ammo cooldown, 4.8m cloud radius, 8 sec cloud duration, 1.3mil ally repair on initial repair, 269k armor repair over time. That last bit is key as that 269k happens during the 8 sec cloud duration, which is equal to around 2.1 mil armor over time, for a grand total of 3.4 mil armor repair combined.


So about those weapons. Yup. You will need to use some weapons for this build to activate the talents on the backpack or the weapon itself to really get this build to its max values for the healing and the group bonuses. I’ll begin with the primary weapon. I was lucky enough to have been blessed with a god rolled named SR-1 called Designated Hitter which comes with Perfect Reformation, headshots grant 40% skill repairs for 15 secs. This has no cooldown so as soon as those 15 secs are up, bang! Refresh it and keep gaining that bonus.

The way I have modded the weapon is accuracy on the scope, accuracy on the grip, stability on the muzzle, and the extended mag for +5 rounds bringing it to 10 in total. Accuracy mods on weapons aid in getting the reticle to shrink faster between shots to become more accurate for the next round. The 1 stability mod is just for that, stability. It’s not much but it’s better than nothing at all.

As for my secondary weapon, it will vary between the raid and Legendary missions. The picture of the overview of the build you see a M1A (Baker’s Dozen) which is when I run Legendary missions. That is the highest damage output weapon I have that ISN’T a shotgun so if I can get some damage when I absolutely need it, Baker’s Dozen is it. The handgun is basically a throw away weapon slot. In the picture it has the only one I use which is a Diceros rolled with finisher on it. Put whatever you would like there.

Before I begin with each gear slot, for a HE Brand Set build, you will want to have these 2 attributes AFTER the main Core attribute of skill tier, Skill Haste and Repair Skills across all gear slots. You want to maximize your haste and repair skills. Of course if you don’t have the pieces or attribute distribution, work with what RNG has given you but take notes as to what you need to farm for to get close to this build and those 2 attributes above.

Gear Pieces

Moving from top to bottom, left to right, with the gear pieces brings us first to the mask. This isn’t gospel as you can slot these brands where you can EXCEPT for the gloves as you’ll see why shortly. I have an Alps mask, rolled with max haste of 12% and skill repairs of 17.2%, 2.8% off of max, with a 11.8% haste gear mod. Alps brand bonuses are 1pc = 20% repair skills, 2pc = 20% skill duration, and 3pc = 10% skill haste. For my HE build, I got 2pc Alps.

Next is the backpack. Here I have a Murakami pack, 1 of 2pcs, with the same attribute layout as mentioned before, haste and skill repair, with a skill repair mod of 19.5%. The talent roll I like to use in my healer build is Opportunistic, “enemies you hit with shotguns and marksman rifles amplifies the damage they take by 10% from all sources for 5 secs, requires a Marksman Riffle (MMR) or shotgun drawn. I like to go this route because since I’m already using the SR-1 as my main weapon, it fits the synergy of the build to use Opportunistic and provide even more buffs to the DPSers of the squad. Also, since that talent applies to skills, anyone in the group running a skill damage build with turrets and drones, will benefit from Opportunistic as well for any NPCs that are marked. Try and think about the talent as a very similar bonus like Sentry Mark’s were in The Division 1, where each mark allowed that NPC to take more damage from other squad mates. Another option if you don’t want to use a MMR is using the talent Safeguard. It reads “While at full armor, increase skill repair by 100%”. This will deactivate every time you take damage but since there is no cooldown, you will get it back as you get healed by your Hive or Chem Launcher. Think of these 2 talents as how you like to play as a healer. Are you the type to be involved and want to actively pro’c talents? Use Opportunistic. If you enjoy sitting back and not shooting at all and passively pro’c talents? Use Safeguard while inside your healing Hive.

Then we have the vest, which for my build, is the 2nd piece of Murakami. It again has haste (max roll) and skill repair (max roll) with a 19% repair skill mod and the talent Empathic Resolve, repairing an ally increases their total weapon and skill damage by 3-15% for 20secs, 1-7% if self (for you the healer). Effectiveness is increased by your skill tier. So at tier 6, you provide another 15% to your allies and 7% to yourself WHEN YOU HEAL THEM OR YOURSELF. Each time they get any kind of healing, not just to max armor, they will have that 15% to their weapons and skills. This fits how I like to play healer. I just shot my SR-1 aiming for the head, proc 2 talents at once, then toss them heals to my DPSers to keep them armored up and alive. Rinse and repeat.

I mentioned before “EXCEPT THE GLOVES”, well here’s why. The exotic gloves Black Tusk Special Unit (BTSU) Datagloves have a great talent when it comes to a healer build. Transference Overclock 15% hive skill haste per skill tier (x6 on this build). Detonating a hive refreshes your skill cooldowns and grants Overcharge for 15secs. If at skill tier 6, this effect also applies to all allies. Allies receiving this effect are unable to benefit from it again for 120secs. This HE build, along with the subsequent gear set versions of this build, all are at skill tier 6 so this bonus will apply to your squad AND both raid groups. It resets EVERYONE’S hives back to 1 and gives them (DPSers) a second life, every 2 mins. You can see why this is such a must in the new raid. The healer also gets their hive back in about 10 secs to FULL 32 or 36 charges which can still provide some healing at overcharge strength before it goes on cooldown. The 2 attributes are fixed and roll skill haste and repair skills so it basically is designed for a healer build.

Onto the holster. Here is your flex option. You can either finish the Alps brand set for 10% more skill haste OR use what I have which is a Hana-U holster. Either way, you will achieve the 10% haste but it will all be dictated by the attribute rolls you get. I just so happened to get a holster that rolled max repair skills of 20% so I just re-rolled max skill haste of 12% onto it and called it a day. The only other flex option would be the gloves IF you don’t have the BTSU gloves, you could run a pair of Hana-U gloves there with an Alps holster and get a total of 20% skill haste from both pieces. Personally, I think the BTSU gloves are best in slot when it comes to a healer build but again, work with what RNG gave you until you can get some items from these builds.

Lastly, we come to the knee pads. For me, this is my 2nd Alps piece which again has the 2 attributes I’ve been speaking about previously with skill haste and repair skills. I was blessed yet again by RNG and 1 of the 2 stats rolled god level, so all I had to do was apply the other stat from my library.

That is it. That’s the build using HE brand sets with or without the BTSU gloves. Keep in mind that the 2 pcs of Murakami and Alps can be in different areas. You can have Muri knee pads and vest and have an alps backpack and mask. As long as the attributes roll in your favor with the ability to re-roll the talents, it will still work. Use what RNG has given you and build from that.

How to Use this Build

How I use this build or any healer build that is going to follow this one is normally I just drop the hive in an area that covers where most of the 4 man squid will be. Lately, the hive has been bugging out where it will NOT heal unless it has line of sight of the players. Placing it on the floor isn’t working most of the time now so I have been placing up and on table tops or areas that it “sees” the players. Pretty frustrating in the raid as some areas don’t have a great spot above players or in the heat of the moment, I just place it down and it ends up being out of sight to me or a teammate. With the Chem Launcher, knowing it has an 8 second cloud duration, gives me tons of flexibility to drop the shot as someone’s feet in anticipation of a mortar attack or a hive attack and as long as they keep going in and out, they will get that 400k armor repair tick each time for the entire duration. It’s a beautiful thing. I am of the actively proc’ng talents type so I shoot I move around to get angles on bosses. I try to anticipate my squadmates movements to their next cover to cover move with a heal cloud waiting there for them. I am sort of in the thick of things. Your mileage may vary but you do have options if you don’t want to be “in the thick of it”.

That’s going to do it for this Part 1 of my healer build. I hope this guide for the HE build is useful to anyone who has read it. Please pass it along to anyone looking to begin healing but hasn’t looted the gear set pieces to make a 4pc set with 2 HE pieces. As always, if you have any questions on the build, you can find me at all the socials. Twitter, IG, Discord, Uplay, Steam as borrietheblade. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in Part 2.