Borrie The Builder: Gear Sets Healing Builds

Borrie’s Multiple Healer Build: Part 2

Welcome back to the continuation of my healer build guide. I recommend to checkout my other article Borrie The Builder: High End Healer Build for Part 1. This Part 2 and final part will incorporate the Future Initiative (FI) Gear Set with High End (HE) brand pieces and the Black Tusk Special Unit (BTSU) gloves. I’ll first start with a 4pc FI, 2pc HE brand set. Then I’ll go into a 4pc FI with 1 HE backpack piece with BTUS and a 4pc FI with 1 HE vest piece and BTSU and explain the uses for each one.

PSA: No changes to the vest and backpack attributes and talents from the HE brand set build.

Let’s begin.

Future Initiative was introduced with TU 10 and is a Gear Set that goes along with the new raid Iron Horse. The Gear Set had the same exclusivity as the Dark Hours Gear Sets where the vest and backpack were locked behind the raid. The Dark Hours gear is no longer locked and can be found in the target loot locations for Gear Sets but the Future Initiative cannot. The vest and backpack are locked behind Iron Horse.

The Gear Set bonuses are as follows:

  • 2pc = 30% repair skills,
  • 3pc = 15% skill haste & 30% skill duration, and
  • 4pc = Ground Control: Increases you and your allies’ total weapon and skill damage by 15% when at full armor. When you repair an ally, you and all allies within 5m of you are also repaired for 60% of that amount.

What the 4pc bonus means is as long as you or your squad are at full armor, you will gain the 15% bonus all the time. No healing required. This essentially is Emphatic Resolve without the need to heal anyone. It’s “free” damage right. How the healing bonus reads is if you are near an ally, 5m, and you heal someone who is NOT 5m away, the ally or allies within 5m of you will also get healed to 60% of your skill repair stat. That last bit of the 4pc is kind of hard to really benefit from in some instances depending on the content you are doing. I would say in legendary missions, it would work better than the Iron Horse raid simply due to the fact you are spread out much more, if not all the time, in the raid.

4pc FI + 2pc Murakami

We’ll start with a 4pc FI, 2pc Murakami (or Alps depending on your RNG) build. This is under the assumption that you, the reader hasn’t completed the Iron Horse raid and you do not have the vest or the backpack. If you plan to run a 4pc FI set, you CANNOT run BTSU gloves with it. Keep that in mind as well. What I did with my 4pc FI was equally distribute the 4 attributes you get. I rolled or re-rolled 2 skill haste and 2 repair skills on those 4 pcs. You can choose to go 4 haste or 4 repair skills. It really depends on the 2 HE pieces you have and their attributes and your gear mods. Do what works best with your pieces. The stats you are about to see are with 2 repair skill mods (19.5% and 19%) and one skill haste mod (11.8%). My motive was to gain a little of the skill repair lost from losing the Alps pieces.

Let’s go over the skills just a bit as things do change when you go to a Gear Set from a HE build. The skills for the Gear Set variant of this healer build have not changed. Still using a Repair Hive and Chem Launcher, but the stats do change with the loss of 4 attributes from a HE brand set to a Gear Set. The Hive now has 84.8% haste, 32 charges, 13.2m range (5% range mod equipped), 321.1 sec duration, 4.1mil HP for the Hive, 364k armor healing per charge. The biggest loss between both builds is in the skill haste as I am down about 20% from the HE set. Not a huge loss but still a loss that needs to be mentioned. You will really feel it with the Chem Launcher as your charges will take 20% longer to refill up. The Chem Launcher stats read as follows: 84.8% haste, 8 ammo charges, 15.2 ammo cooldown, 4.8 cloud radius, 8.5s cloud duration, 1.2mil ally armor repair, 245k armor repair over time. Again, the biggest loss here is the skill haste. You do lose some ally armor repair but it’s around 250k which is not noticeable when it actually happens. Keep in mind most DPSers sit at around 750k to 770k total armor depending on their SHD watch level. Either build will heal DPSers to FULL armor so you are good there. The next loss comes in the terms of the repair over time stat. It is lower than the HE set.

What makes this build unique is that you can have the 4pc bonus of the FI set AND the vest talent (assuming you are using the same vest from the HE build I already went over) Empathic Resolve stack on top for a potential bonus of 30% total weapon and skill damage when all the stars align. 15% from the 4pc bonus and 15% from Empathic Resolve. Tie in the backpack talent, and you could have up to 40% more damage going to marked targets with Opportunistic. With the loss of the BTSU gloves, you will need to play a little smarter as a healer to prevent your allies from going down and using up their revive hives since you cannot instantly reset them. Of course if you have a Leroy on your squad, there is no hope for you. Sorry.

4pc FI + BTSU Gloves + Murakami Backpack/Vest

The next 2 builds will incorporate the BTSU gloves and the 4pc FI set. Each one will add in the unique vest and backpack talent found from the raid items. Also the stats for each skill will change but not by much.

First build will be a 4pc FI, 1pc Murakami backpack (Opportunistic) and BTSU gloves. The change here is I add in the vest of FI and add in the BTSU gloves. I give up the 2pc bonus from a HE brand set, you lose Empathic Resolve, but gain the BTSU gloves unique exotic talent. Again, vest is rolled to split between skill haste or repair skills, it is equipped with a 11.8% haste mod.

Hive stats are 84.6% haste, 32 charges, 321.1 duration, 4.1mil hive HP, 337k armor healing.

Chem launcher stats are 84.6% haste, 8 ammo, 15.2s ammo cooldown, 4.8 cloud radius, 8.5s cloud duration, 1.1mil ally repair, 226k armor repair over time.

The unique vest talents reads: Tactical Superiority = Increases Ground Control damage bonus from 15% to 25%. The % loss between this talent and Empathic Resolve is 5%. As mentioned above, both 4pc bonus AND Empathic Resolve equal to a potential of 30%. There is the 5%. Remember, the 4pc bonus DOES NOT require you to heal anyone. Empathic Resolve does require you heal someone in order to proc that talent’s bonus. In my opinion, the loss of 5% but the gain of the BTSU talent is worth it. Having an Overcharge in my back pocket and resetting everyone’s hives every 2 mins is pretty strong in both the raid and legendary missions.

Second build switches from the unique vest talent to the unique backpack talent BUT brings back Empathic Resolve and still keeps the BTSU gloves.

The backpack talent reads: Strategic Combat Support = Increases Ground Control proximity repair from 60% to 120%. What this basically means and does is it now bringing the other backpack I mentioned in the HE build Part 1, Safeguard, into the gear set BUT with a huge change. You no longer need to be at full armor to gain the bonus. Remember Safeguard is “at full armor, gain 100% skill repair”. This Gear Set talent takes the existing 4pc bonus and gives it “100% skill repair” bonus but doesn’t require you to be a full armor. As I said before, that bottom 4pc bonus is pretty situational so this unique backpack talent may or may not suit you well. I personally do not use it. I have tested it and across both types of content these healer builds are used for, the strength of Opportunistic in the backpack outweighs the bonus skill repair. The Hive stats are as follows: 96.6% haste, 32 charges, 13.2 range, 339.7s duration, 4.1mil hive HP, 293k armor repair. The Chem Launcher stats are as follows: 96.6% haste, 8 ammo, 14.3 ammo cooldown, 4.8 cloud radius, 9s cloud duration, 987k armor repair, 197k armor repair over time. You see the gains between the 2 builds. One is giving me more haste across both skills but sacrifice some armor repair in areas, while the other is giving me a little bit more armor repair but losing a little more skill haste.

Here is a look at at the Skill Stats across the builds from Part 1 and Part 2.

Hive HE Build 4pc FI + 2pc Murakami 4pc FI + BTSU Glove + Murakami Backpack 4 pc FI + BTSU Glove + Murakami Vest
Skill Haste 103.6% 84.8% 84.6% 96.6%
Charges 32 32 32 32
Range 13.2m 13.2m 13.2m 13.2m
Duration 302.3s 321.1s 321.1s 321.1s
Health 4.1mil 4.1mil 4.1mil 4.1mil
Healing 400k 364k 337k 293k


Chem Launcher HE Build 4pc FI+ 2pc Murakami 4 pc FI + BTSU Glove + Murakami Backpack 4 pc FI + BTSU Glove + Murakami Vest
Skill Haste 103.6% 84.8% 84.6% 96.6%
Ammo 8 8 8 8
Ammo Cooldown 13.9s 15.2s 15.2s 14.3s
Cloud Radius 4.8m 4.8m 4.8m 4.8m
Cloud Duration 8.0s 8.5s 8.5s 9s
Ally Repair 1.3mil 1.2mil 1.1mil 987k
Repair Over Time 269K 245k 226k 197k

What I run the most amongst all these healer builds you’ve read, is the 4pc FI with the vest, Murakami backpack with Opportunistic, and BTSU gloves.

I haven’t looted any better backpack to increase my skill repair nor have I been able to get any better Alps pieces to have some choices with Alps having a 1pc bonus of 20% skill repair versus Murakami having 20% skill duration. I also believe the loss of the 5% from Empathic Resolve + 4pc FI talent stacking with Opportunistic is worth it when I gain the BTSU in it’s place and still have Opportunistic.

Phew. That was A LOT to write and I know it was a lot to read. I really do hope this helps in some way. I love my healer builds. I love there is FINALLY a place for them in this game we love. I love that I can support my squad in other ways besides the phat DEEPS. I now have multiple ways to provide the phat HEALS.

If you would like any help with builds or have questions about these healer builds, you can find me at all the socials. Twitter, IG, Discord, Uplay, Steam as borrietheblade.

Thank you for reading and happy hunting Agents!