President & Co-Founder

There are many things I like to play such as video games, guitar, Star Trek: TNG, sushi, and my personal favorite, where did I put my keys. From that it’s easy to gather I started my gaming journey on the Sega Master System. Having spent most of my game life on console… PCMR.

I started streaming and podcasting in 2016 when I found an amazing community called Dark Zone Report. There, I was introduced to Podcasting and Streaming – two hobbies that quickly turned in to a passion. I now have the privilege of co-chairing on several podcasts with a host of amazing people I call friends, as well as streaming full-time on Twitch.

In 2018, I had the privilege of being selected as a Ubisoft Star Player. I was flown to California to participate at E3 where I met amazing fellow content creators that further inspired me to create GamerLoop Network.

A great sense of joy has been combining all these things together with years of experience in everyday gaming inside of GamerLoop Network. Talking about games and sharing those thoughts with others has been a great resource for challenging oneself and meeting likeminded, passionate gamers. I’d like to provide a place where everyday gamers, like me, can ask questions about content creation, get the answers they need, and help them put it all into practice inside a supportive community.