Creative Director

Remy hates writing about himself because he feels like it's self-serving. His personality type has often been described as ‘tired’. He's currently writing in the third person to try and get over it. It isn't working very well. It is making him realize why he got into content creation though -- so he would never have to write again. It hasn’t worked out well so far.

He started out writing a beat on MMORPGs when there seemed to be a lot to do there. His written reviews were horrible and he apologizes profusely for them. He was stuck in a format his editor wouldn't allow a change from, and it was what he can only refer to as a ‘serious bummer’. Friends at the time in voice chat told him he should check out podcasts because he seemed like someone who should be on one. From there, the rest was history.

His first show was and he quotes here: ‘the worst’. Remy managed to get better as time went on and did some shows you might have heard of on Ninja Pancake. If you haven't had a chance to listen to his previous body of work, he doesn't hold it against you. He hopes to use his weird references, spur of the minute ideas, and humor to help improve future content at Gamer Loop.