VP Creator Initiatives & Co-Founder

Howdy, I'm an Engineer by day and Gamer by night from the great state of Texas!

Started gaming as a toddler when I magically found my way to the arcade at the Fiesta across my apartment complex (I'm sorry for the scare Mom and Dad). I grew up a Nintendo kid from the NES to the WiiU, but once I got my job after college I purchased a PS4 and built my very own PC.

Gaming was always a way for me to unplug and explore new worlds and thanks to online gaming communities I found my way here. I met Silus in the GunslingerGaming Clan "A Home for the Mature, Casual gamer" who later introduced me to one of his oldest friends Sage. They brought me in as a guest to their podcast "My Life In Games" and now they can't get rid of me muahahaha.

I've been streaming for fun on and off since 2014 because it felt great to share my gaming experiences with others in a new way. What I didn't expect to find in that journey was my newfound passion in podcasting. From appearing as a guest in MLIG to now a founder of GamerLoop Radio, meeting new great friends in our community and sharing our love for video games in this format has solidified that there is more to it than just playing games.

I can't wait to see how far GamerLoop Network can grow and it will be all thanks to your support and the amazing team here!